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I’ve gone and made myself a website!

Well, it may not be fancy, with revolving pictures and pop ups and stuff, but it works (I think!) and I did it all by myself. Well, with a little help from my friend (thank you Catherine!). So on my one day off, not only have I been having fun in my shed, but I’ve been working hard to try to get this website working. Now I just need to get people to look at it!

I’ll use this page to update you on the stuff I’m making – I also try to put this on Facebook, so please pop over to my Facebook page and wave at me so I know you’re there (there is a link in the menu at the top).

Have a browse and please let me know what you think ….

4 thoughts on “I’ve gone and made myself a website!

  1. Your products make the most ideal gifts! My mother in law loves the make up bag I bought from your craft stall and the hat you made (bespoke) for my Mum was just perfect! In fact she took it with her when she went to visit my sister in Canada and it kept her roasty toasty!!

    1. Thank you Fran! I enjoyed making your mum’s hat … especially with the sizing! x

  2. Thank you for the bags you made for me ! They are amazing ! One very talented lady.
    A professional service, will definitely be using again.

    Thank you Anna xxx

    1. Ah, thanks, I’m blushing! I hope everyone likes them x

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