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Upcycling or recycling …?

I’ve decided I need more of a ‘theme’ to my makes and have been enjoying recycling old jeans – it’s a great material to work with as it’s hard wearing and I’m doing my little bit to help the planet. What I want to know is, am I upcycling or recycling?? Is there a difference? Actually, is it that important?? The only problem is, I’m now eyeing up strangers legs and wondering if I can have their trousers!




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New Product Launch!

Wow, doesn’t that sound posh. I sound like a proper shop! I’ve now made some pencil cases (which I need to photograph and put on for sale), but I did manage to take a picture of this one for Grace’s birthday. I hope she likes it!grace grace2

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Etsy here I come!

Well, my big goal for this year was to get my Etsy shop up and running. Well, we’re just into February and it’s done already (I was obviously very keen). There isn’t much in there as a lot of my stock sold over Christmas (yay!), but that means some fast sewing in the shed to fill my page. It takes me twice as long to take the photo’s, put it on here, Folksy and Etsy – so it all takes time. Keep coming back to see my new stock!

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New Year …

Well, I’ve just noticed that I haven’t ‘blogged’ (is that what this is!?) since August last year. Hmmm. I knew I wouldn’t write too often, but this is a ridiculous!

Christmas was busy with fairs and orders and now I’m enjoying a tidy of the shed and a reorganise. I’ve already made some new items and am just waiting to borrow a decent camera to take some photo’s for the website (and now I’m on Etsy as well as Folksy). I’ll put some photo’s on Facebook as soon as they are done, so please pop over and say hello at


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I’m going a bit bunting crazy!

I thought I’d make a ‘Happy Birthday’ bunting to take to the Risborough Festival on 11th July to advertise my personalised bunting. I’ve created an order form and 4 different colour way options … Once I figure how this will work on here or Folksy, I’ll have a go!

Happy Birthday Bunting

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Teacher’s Presents …

It’s that time of year when we need to think about getting our favourite teacher a gift. I’m sure they will all appreciate a bottle of wine or box of chocolates … but how about something to keep? Oh, something handmade would be even more special. Well … now that you mention … available soon are these fabric covered notebooks with appliquéd apples. Just what the teacher ordered. 11234966_666791076785229_3142725136866803069_n

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I’ve just made this personalised bunting for a baby boy’s christening. I hope they like it!

Personalised Bunting

I shall soon add this to my products, but first I have to work out how to change the price based on how many flags and how many letters!!