Pencil Case – Cars


A case to put all your pencils. Or anything else that would fit. Handy.

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When you have a pile of pens or other small bits, you need somewhere to keep them all tidy. Well, I have just the thing. This beautiful pencil case is made from car print fabric and is lined with blue and white striped fabric. It has a flat bottom so it sits perfectly on your desk / kitchen work top / floor (I’m thinking kids here) and when the zip opens is creates a large opening so you can see all those paper clips that have fallen to the bottom. Along the top the fabric is slightly padded so it creates a slight ridge to hold on to and gives the pencil case a better shape.

The base measures 175mm (w) x 80mm (d) and the overall height is 115mm. The length along the top of the pencil case is 245mm.


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