Santa Stop Here Bunting


Help Santa find his way and make your Christmas decorations that little bit more gorgeous! Don’t forget to leave Santa and the reindeers a present!

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A ‘Santa Stop Here’ reusable bunting sign.  There is a pocket in the flag at each end of the larger bunting, so that children can add a present for Santa and Rudolph. There are red, see through, drawstring bags in the end flags to put the presents in (maybe some oats with glitter for the reindeers and a sweet for Santa?).  After Christmas, pop it in the loft then bring it out again next year!

This bunting consists of two lines of bunting, the first line (which says ‘Santa’) is approximately 165cm and the second line (which says ‘stop here’) is approximately 218cm.  The other side of the bunting is the same fabric as the front, but without the letters, pictures or pockets.

Each letter, picture and word are individually cut out and appliqued using freehand stitching on the machine – oh yes, that did take a long time (but it was fun!). At the end of the bunting are loops that can be opened and closed using a popper, ensuring this gorgeous bunting can be placed almost anywhere in your home (somewhere Santa will see it!).


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